Uxía Danza das Areas
Uxía Danza das Areas

Released in the year 2000, we return to put out this marvelous album from Uxia, one of the greatest voices of Galician music. Her artistic career of more than 25 years includes numerous albums and collaborations with artists from all over the world. Her music, always with her personal sound, adopts different genres: song of the author of contemporary music, the influence of Lusofonia, children’s music, traditional arrangements, etc. One of the greatest.

Mercedes Peón Sós

SÓS is a surprising album: intense, creative, strong, smooth, unique in the world; a force of nature created by Mercedes Peón, an artist committed to her time and the past. The intellectual and primitive discourse of her music is a lighthouse illuminating the international scenes that she visits. Limited edition in a deluxe metal box of contemporary design.

Cristina Pato & Rosa Cedrón Soas

Pianist Cristina Pato and Cellist and singer Rosa Cedrón, together and wrapped up by a symphony orchestra. They have reached their long artistic trajectory, they unify the love for popular music, Galician literature and classical music. Songs with unprecedented arrangements, never before utilized and an artistic challenge that culminates in sublime moments loaded with beauty and melancholy. Outstanding.

Bellón Maceiras Quinteto Folkfusión

Daniel Bellón, the bagpiper, and Diego Maceiras, the accordionist, are both friends and young talents that have traveled around half the world showing the mastery of their craft. A fusion of traditional sounds, hints of international music, and an energy full of momentum and risk. A new and fresh flavor in our music that is here to stay among the greatest. Visit their school of music at www.bellonmaceiras.com

Varios Artistas Música Galega Hoxe

A wonderful compilation from FOL MÚSICA label with the cream of Galician roots and celtic music talent: Mercedes Peón, Cristina Pato & Rosa Cedrón, A Banda das Crechas, Bellón, Maceiras Quintet, Sondeseu Folk Orchestra, Guadi Galego & Vaamonde Lamas e Romero, Fuxan Os Ventos, Bonovo, Susana Seivane and Uxia. The best music from Galicia, lavishly presented in a deluxe digipack, at a incredible price.

Varios Artistas Cantigas do Camiño

Songs about the Route of Santiago composed by 12 artists: Susana Seivane, Faltriqueira, Guadi Galego & Vaamonde Lamas e Romero, Uxia, Leilía, Luar na Lubre, Sondedeu, Fuxan Os Ventos, Treixadura, Milladoiro, Bonovo, Emilio Rúa. Deluxe edition CD + 90 page book (Galician, Spanish and English), with original illustrations and explanatory texts about the history of music in the Route of Santiago.

A Banda das Crechas ABDC

Twelve powerful musicians, twelve great personalities, many years together, a bar in Compostela, many hours performing, an audience dedicated to party and dance, all shaken up in a cocktail of Galician and European melodies. As a result, it is a lovely album recorded with the live essence that can be enjoyed every Wednesday in A Casa das Crechas. More than 10,000 people annually attend the live show in their small but important live-stage.

Susana Seivane Os Soños que Volven

Her grandfather founded the most prestigious bagpipe repair workshop in Galicia more than 60 years ago. To say Seivane is to name bagpipes of the highest quality. Before she was even born she was listening to popular Galician songs in the womb. When she plays one can still feel the tradition in true form. She also has a precious and personal voice and during her last concerts some had the luck to see her play the diatonic accordion like the angels.

Sondeseu Orquestra Folk Barlovento

The Galician Folk Orchestra explores new musical paths, popular landscapes intertwined with symphonic arrangements, all performed with traditional instruments. Listening to the orchestra live is a powerful experience, a flood of energy that inundates and flows through the souls of the listeners. More than 45 young musicians are directed by the greatest swords of Galician music: Rodrigo Romaní, Anxo Pintos, Xosé Liz, Xaquín Xesteira, Javier Feijoo and Alfonso Franco.

Bonovo Bonovo

Innovators in every sense, investigators of instruments and sounds, they have now created the electro-acoustic zanfona instrument. No one has reached their level in popular music, all of this in service to music and creativity. Their musical language is intense, baroque, profound, hypnotic, charismatic: a real fascination where they show their creative wealth.

Fuxan os Ventos Terra de Soños

Formed in the late 60’s, years of transition, of the struggle for freedom and the defense of our repressed Galician culture. Their songs are great classics of the Galician culture, popular poetry in true form, the voice that expresses the thoughts of the community. This CD and live DVD set is a historical musical document currently rewritten. The songs have been arranged by a great band of musicians, with a modern and moving result.